Follow me Friday is a live internet talk show broadcast every Friday on, Facebook, and Youtube at 12PM ET!

Joan and Priya are entertaining and thought provoking! You may even say they are like Kathy Lee & Hoda BUT they’re Joan and Priya!! Grab a glass of wine with your favorite hosts every Friday as they connect their audience with leaders who are experts in their field, capable of inspiring and educating in the most exciting way possible.

Joan and Priya not only explore the world of business, but they do so in a lively and fun manner. Each week, they invite different entrepreneurs from a multitude of topics on the show, including health and wellness, pop culture, consciousness, business, and more! 

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3 for 3 with Katie

3 for 3 with Katie is a mini segment added to our show in January 2017 to educate and inspire you. Hosted by Katie Claire, she delivers information at the top of the third segment, for three minutes, based on the theme of the month.

Cooking with Chef Wadeinni

Cooking with Chef Wadeinni  is our new mini segment featuring delicious dishes every week, whether it is paired with our Wine Sponsor or featuring a specific ingredient or just for fun! Follow Chef Wadeinni on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube @ChefWadeinni.